Friday, May 13, 2011


My new obsession: Sarongs and silk scarves. There are so many awesome ways to fold them, and I'm starting a new series where I will show you how to fold them into different things. Today.: Bags. I will show you how to make 3 easy bags from silk scarves or sarongs. These work best if you have a square, but rectangles work to.

Start by laying your fabric flat on the ground.
 then fold two opposite corners in so they meet at the center.
tie those two corners in a knot.

then grab the two remaining corners and pull them up. Then tie them in a knot. 


The next one requires the same steps, but instead of using just the top corners, pull both tied corners and use them as straps.

For the next bag, lay out your fabric with the right side facing down. 

Tie each corner of the sarong in a knot. 

Next tie the tails of each corner together

Join the two loops for straps, and.... Voila:) 

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