Monday, May 9, 2011


so i am totally obsessed with these super cute rosettes!!!! saw some and just had to make them... so here is my feeble attempt at a tutorial!

You will need:
a long strip of fabric. (a good length is about a foot and two inches for width.)
needle and thread
first, take the strip and tie a knot at the end. like so:

Next, start twisting a small part of the fabric sideways

and roll that section up lengthwise

Continue those steps until it is all rolled up. Thread your needle and stick it through the side to keep everything together momentarily. 

 Tie a small knot on the end of the thread and pull the needle through the flower until you reach the knot. The knot should give resistance

 Pull the thread through the flower five or six times. Or until it feels secure.

my camera ran out of battery before i could take a pic of the green flower, but here are a few i made before!!!
Hope you liked it:)


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