Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Clutch

Hey everyone:) I am SOOO mad at myself!!!!!!!!! I misplaced my camera, and was unable to document my newest DIY step-by step!:(

I have a  few pictures, of the early steps, and i have a few (hopefully) helpful links so I think everything will turn out all right.

Well my DIY is actually a book clutch, inspired by Olympia Le-Tan's Book Minaudiere collection. You may recognize them... Natalie Portman carried one to the premier of "Black Swan."

This DIY is relatively simple, but it is tedious and time consuming.

You will need:
A hardcover book(big enough for a clutch, pretty enough so that you will use it)
Mod podge
X-Acto knife
fabric(Something that coordinates with the book...It will be the lining)
Something to use for a latch
A Fan(optional)
Something heavy
Spacers.... Plastic lids or post-it notes work well


 Step 1: Paint Mod Podge along the sides of all the pages of the book. (DO NOT glue the first blank page, and glue the whole stack to the back cover) 

 Step 2: Place something heavy on the book and so that the pages dry evenly(use some spacers between the front page so that the front page is not glued to the rest of the book) 

 Step 3: use a ruler, and mark a quarter of an inch. Then draw a line from each point to the other. (I hope this makes sense:)

 It should end up looking like this. I drew two boxes, the inner box is half and inch in, and the outer box
is a quater of an inch, I used the outer box. 

I wasnt able to get pictures of the next few steps, as i misplaced my camera. (I stopped and had to continue my project the next day) 

The Next step is to hollow out your book by cutting along the lines you drew with an x-acto knife. Do this page-by-page until the whole book is hollowed out. 

After hollowing out the book, Glue the inside edges with Mod Podge. Then cut fabric to your liking and Mod Podge it to the inside. (line it)

Put a few layers of Mod Podge on the whole thing, just to ensure it is secure. 

Finished project: 

Haha I embroidered a piece of white fabric to say "made with love"

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*Please credit Made With Love when using this DIY* 

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