Saturday, May 7, 2011

hex nut bracelet:)

I just have to say: My dad is AWESOME! haha.. So my dad and grandparents are going to run some errands and i am staying home with the baby... i asked if they were going to a hardware store. They said no.... Then we started talking about how i really wanted hex nuts to make this bracelet, and my dad said he would go to the store and buy me hex nuts!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! Im going to make it a little different then the link, but similar.

Heres the inspiration:

its not from, but i like this one better so.

starting supplies:

I dont have all the supplies yet, because my fam isnt home yet but here is what im starting with!!

Where i am: 

well... its done, and i have to say, its harder than it looks!!!! Fun though. The link at the top of the page has instructions.....

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