Friday, May 20, 2011

Safety Pin Bracelet:)

i have been dying to make this safety pin bracelet! We went to wal-mart today and i just had to get safety pins to make this. Im sorry i havent posted in a few days, but today i am going to try and show you how to make a safety pin bracelet. It is really easy, and call for approx 80-100 safety pins, and elastic thread.

Start By cutting a strip of elastic that can go around your wrist two times. 

Tie a knot in the elastic leaving a one-twp inch tail

Then start threading the safety pin onto the elastic. Thread the elastic through the small hole in the top of the pin

Continue threading the safety pins until the whole thing can fit around your wrist

Next, cut another piece of elastic about the same size as the first

Thread the second piece through the bottom loop of each safety pin

Continue until every pin is threaded. 

Next, tie each end of the top and bottoms strings together.(The bracelet below is for my four-year-old sister, so your should be bigger)

And you are done! enjoy:)

OH and a special thanks to Dana for this Adorable Jean jacket she gave me today!!!!!!! Love it:) 

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