Monday, November 14, 2011

Tank Revamp

Hey all:)

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last months. All my DIYs are turning into DILaters

Anyways, here is a simple DIY. Took me only about 30 mins in all.

You will need:
Lace leggings
matching thread
sewing machine


Start By laying the leggings out and cutting off the legs. 

Then, Line up the widest part of the legging with the tank top strap, and cut the lace to fit the armhole

Next, turn everything inside out and pin the lace in place

Sew it up!!

And your done!! 

I hope you liked this tutorial:) 

*Please Credit Made With Love when using this tutorial*

And... signing off! Luv ya!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nail Love

Hi All!!

Well, here I am again! I am so sorry for not posting in forever, but I barely have time for DIYs with school in session:)

Well, I am starting a new thing where every monday for the next few weeks I will have a nail tutorial. I like doing my nails and do them everyweek anyways, so I thought that would be a fun idea:)

ALright... Well today is the first tutorial!!

You will need:
Two colors of nail polish
base coat
top coat

Start by applying a base coat and one color. Blow on your nails to make sure they are completely dry.

:) my first color i used was this coral: 

now, Take a piece of tape and place it on your nails. You can put it so it will divide the nail in half, or at an angle. I did a diagonal. 

Then, put a layer of another nail polish over the tape. 

Slowly peel off the tape and Voila!!

Hope you like this tutorial:) 


-Bye for now... 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tie Dye

So I visited my nana this weekend and we did a bunch of tie dye stuff.... It was really fun:)

Here are the pictures:

First we had to soak the clothes in this stuff... Not sure what it does! (my first time and i was clueless)

We had to wear these masks.... :/ 

Here is the finished product:) 

And here is all the stuff...

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Short hair

ALRIGHT. Disregard the last post. I am unable to braid my hair like that because of one small detail. I got my hair cut:/ It is now only a few inches longer than shoulder-length.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freepeople Fishtail

Alright, Here is a freepeople hair style that i LOVE---> 

Tell me that is not the most amazing thing you have ever seen! 

HAha ok so i just got some colored clip-ins, and tomorrow i will do my best to duplicate the look!
my colors:                         


Sunday, May 29, 2011


Haha I have been BEGGING my mom to take me to Michael's to get supplies for some earrings I've been wanting to make. Yesterday I finally got to go and i made them right away:) I took pics of each step so that I could post it as a DIY for my blog!!!

You will need:
Embroidery thread(as many or as little colors as you like)
Assorted chain
Rhinestone chain
earring hooks
wire cutters
two jumprings

First, lay out your chain and cut them to whatever lengths you like. 

Next, thread the chain onto a jumpring

Next, take your embroidery thread and wind it around the chain as much as you like. 

Attach an earring hook and VOILA!!!!


*Please credit Made With Love when using this DIY*

Saturday, May 28, 2011

TAG you're it!

On my last post, I branded my DIY book clutch with a "Name tag" :) I liked the idea and decided to make more to sew onto my larger DIYS... I cut out white rectangles and embroidered each one with "Made With Love." Im not a pro, but I like them so far.... 

Hope you like them:) 

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Book Clutch

Hey everyone:) I am SOOO mad at myself!!!!!!!!! I misplaced my camera, and was unable to document my newest DIY step-by step!:(

I have a  few pictures, of the early steps, and i have a few (hopefully) helpful links so I think everything will turn out all right.

Well my DIY is actually a book clutch, inspired by Olympia Le-Tan's Book Minaudiere collection. You may recognize them... Natalie Portman carried one to the premier of "Black Swan."

This DIY is relatively simple, but it is tedious and time consuming.

You will need:
A hardcover book(big enough for a clutch, pretty enough so that you will use it)
Mod podge
X-Acto knife
fabric(Something that coordinates with the book...It will be the lining)
Something to use for a latch
A Fan(optional)
Something heavy
Spacers.... Plastic lids or post-it notes work well


 Step 1: Paint Mod Podge along the sides of all the pages of the book. (DO NOT glue the first blank page, and glue the whole stack to the back cover) 

 Step 2: Place something heavy on the book and so that the pages dry evenly(use some spacers between the front page so that the front page is not glued to the rest of the book) 

 Step 3: use a ruler, and mark a quarter of an inch. Then draw a line from each point to the other. (I hope this makes sense:)

 It should end up looking like this. I drew two boxes, the inner box is half and inch in, and the outer box
is a quater of an inch, I used the outer box. 

I wasnt able to get pictures of the next few steps, as i misplaced my camera. (I stopped and had to continue my project the next day) 

The Next step is to hollow out your book by cutting along the lines you drew with an x-acto knife. Do this page-by-page until the whole book is hollowed out. 

After hollowing out the book, Glue the inside edges with Mod Podge. Then cut fabric to your liking and Mod Podge it to the inside. (line it)

Put a few layers of Mod Podge on the whole thing, just to ensure it is secure. 

Finished project: 

Haha I embroidered a piece of white fabric to say "made with love"

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*Please credit Made With Love when using this DIY* 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wrapped Bangles

I am going to make these as soon as i can get my hands on some plain plastic bangles.... :) 

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Leather Journal

Who wouldn't love this absolutely adorable anthropologie journal?? Its so fun and poetic and i LOVE it!!!!!!!!! Im going to write tons of stories.... Or just one long story... in it!!!!: