Monday, September 12, 2011

Nail Love

Hi All!!

Well, here I am again! I am so sorry for not posting in forever, but I barely have time for DIYs with school in session:)

Well, I am starting a new thing where every monday for the next few weeks I will have a nail tutorial. I like doing my nails and do them everyweek anyways, so I thought that would be a fun idea:)

ALright... Well today is the first tutorial!!

You will need:
Two colors of nail polish
base coat
top coat

Start by applying a base coat and one color. Blow on your nails to make sure they are completely dry.

:) my first color i used was this coral: 

now, Take a piece of tape and place it on your nails. You can put it so it will divide the nail in half, or at an angle. I did a diagonal. 

Then, put a layer of another nail polish over the tape. 

Slowly peel off the tape and Voila!!

Hope you like this tutorial:) 


-Bye for now... 

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